Activities Company

AL-Jazera Concrete Company Ltd

Activities Company

Our Company is established in Novamber 7th 1980 with the license of Ministry of Industry and Electricity and our first palnt in Taif started on operate on the same date , we have three idential plants under operation , one in Taif and two in Makkah .


we have sufficient capacities, to suplly height quality RMC, 240,cu.m per hour at Makkah palnt and 120 cu.m per hour at Taif plant respectively .

Our plant at Taif supllieed height quality RMC, to sauddi tarmac for their please Sun project in the year 1981. Th concrete avionics slab in 1830 m3 and JCC have completeed the job with in 20 continuous hour (batching, transporting and pumping). the project is about 15 K.M from the batching plant.

We have supplied concrete to Issa Binladen at Makkah in August 12 , 1984 to Raft foundation of 1694 m3 with in 18 hours , the transportaion destance is 20 K.M

We can supllied evvery kind of concrete in addition to normal plain concrete & reinforced, such as high performance concrete for pre-stressed structure and decorative concrete and full accordance with the project specification of our client, for example , we have supplied to Tylor woodrow International (Team Work) decorative concrete with white cement and pinkish aggregate for thier peace Sun project supervise by crop of engineers U.S.A

We have also expertise of Pumping the concrete to any building height pipes . Our company posses one of the biggest pump in western region SCHWING KVM 52 with a boom length Est . in Holy Makkah for thier Commercial and Residential Building Project . the total height of the building is 55 meters with floor dimensions of 30 by 50 meters .

Currently we are one of the main concrete supplier of AL Owedia Co. for the construction of one of the biggest and modern Slughter House in the world . we also supply RMC to saudi Oger and AL Mabbani Co . for the construction of TENTS at Mina and water Tanks

We are working under the supervision of most of the biggest consulting offer in the kingdom such as Dar AL Handasa , Saud Consult, Harasani, & Architects, Saudi Diyar etc .
Our Total Production up to date is around 4000000 cu.m.